Small to Mid-Sized Companies Benefit with Carter Logistics

Supply chain management is a complex, innovative industry, and Carter Logistics drives the solutions that can help companies succeed.

Small to mid-sized companies face unique logistics challenges. A small company may excel at manufacturing a competitive product, but not have the resources to manage distribution efficiently. Salespeople may coordinate expedited shipments without realizing that the final shipping and resource costs have made the sale unprofitable. Additionally, errors in distribution or delivery can easily get lost in a company’s effort to manage other operations. Warehousing and storage can also create more problems for small to mid-sized companies, unnecessarily using valuable time and money.

Consequently, supply chain costs can cause smaller companies to be uncompetitive or spend too much of a limited profit margin. Dedicated supply chain management providers offer benefits to organizations of all sizes. For small to mid-sized companies in particular, these logistics services can have tremendous positive impact on their everyday operations, overall efficiency, and long term growth potential.

1. Access to industry best practices. Most small to mid-sized companies don’t have teams dedicated to keeping their logistics procedure up-to-date with supply chain management best practices. Even so, they may not have the resources to implement the best practices. When these companies invest in a supply chain management provider, they suddenly have a whole new team of experts on their side, giving them a competitive advantage in their industry.

2. Access to a full-scale operation. A smaller organization has limited network partners and contacts. High-quality logistics providers offer a more complete system of supply chain management, with the established framework necessary for a full-scale logistics operation. A complete operation means a provider like Carter has the resources to meet complex schedules deadlines, to organize complicated routes, and to manage challenging inventory. It also means access to the

3. Supply chain management and analysis for accuracy and efficiency. Supply chain management includes much more than scheduling brokers and tracking shipments. One vital aspect of logistics service is detailed analysis for improvement and efficiency. This means Carter can evaluate any delays or re-routs, waste management, international transfers, and many other aspects of the supply chain.

4. Shared-cost milk run. This program allows multiple companies to share routes, drivers, and expenses by combining smaller shipments. Carter’s unique split billing reduces costs, and the lean efficiencies minimize waste. Click here for more information about the Split-Bill Shared Milk Run.

Small to mid-sized companies can benefit in using a full logistics provider like Carter. In working with a high-quality supply chain manager, companies can utilize resources and expertise beyond that of their competitors as well as unique, strategic solutions that leaner organizations need to lower costs and maximize their reach.