Supply Chain Labeling Insights

The rapidly-changing global economy means there are constant learning curves for those in supply chain management to overcome. To successfully manage supply chains, finding relevant and effective solutions has become more important than ever.

In this blog, we will highlight the importance of supply chain labeling. Because of its impact on tracking and supply chain transparency, labeling plays one of the most critical roles in meeting key demands for businesses.

There is much more to a label than telling customers what is inside a package. At a minimum, all labels should include:

  1. Product details
  2. Customer information
  3. Regulatory and safety information.

Clear and effective labeling is key to running a smooth supply chain. Effective labeling solutions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliance with evolving transportation and manufacturing regulations
  • Scalability to meet business growth
  • Optimized design, content, and approval process
  • Collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • Technology and support for high volume label printing

As we navigate through the complex and ever-expanding global supply chain, it is critical to understand how labeling impacts your supply chain for your company’s bottom line.

With increasing complexity in labeling, ongoing research is necessary to keep up with the advancing technology and trends. Your next step would be to apply a comprehensive and integrated approach to your labeling methods.  Done correctly, labeling can have a significant positive impact on automation, flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy to your process.