Top Mexico Supply Chain Services

Mexico is a vital trading partner with the U.S. In 2015 our goods and services trade was an estimated $583 billion dollars. They are our 2nd largest export market and our 3rdlargest supplier of imported goods. So to say that intra-Mexico trade is important to the U.S. is an understatement. The massive trade between our nations requires many different supply chain services.

Mexican Partner Carriers

Having strong partners on each side of the border is fundamental to moving freight across. The Mexican carrier moves the freight to border, a Mexican customs broker files the necessary documents to export the freight, and it is processed through U.S. customs before being delivered to the U.S. carrier. Each side has different processes and requirements for imports and exports and any missed step or liaise faire execution will result in delays. The details can get complicated on many levels, not to mention the long wait times that are inherent at crowded crossings. This is why it is so important to have reliable partners and strategically placed facilities on both sides of the border.

Carter Logistics Shared Milk Run

Named for the dairy industry practice where one tanker collects milk every day from several dairy farmers for delivery to a milk-processing firm, Carter took the Milk Run concept and applied our unique split-billing solution and our network of efficiency experts. We collect inventory from thousands of suppliers for multiple clients. Our intricate system begins with a plan for every unit of freight, and ends with highly efficient daily routes, lower carbon emissions, and simple billing. We work with you to uncover packaging dimensions, stack-ability requirements, and overall weight of freight. Our analysts work to provide innovative solutions that meet your production needs while reducing your transportation spend. As of 2017, Carter has 10 unique weekly routes in their Intra-Mexico Milk Run.


When moving freight around, proper inventory management and warehouse facilities is important. Having the right amount of space at specific locations helps to lower transportation costs and gets items where they need to be on time. This is why managing the inventory is so fundamental. A good inventory management system can mean the difference between a successful logistics company and a major incident like losing product or shipping the wrong freight.

Environmentally Friendly Services

Cube is maximized when multiple clients share space on a well-planned logistics route. This of course reduces wasted space and miles driven with empty or half-full trailers. It also enables manufacturers to use 100% returnable containers through a built-in system for their expedited return. Reducing inventory storage decreases the associated costs or storage and potential damage or loss of freight. Lastly, efficient border services reduce carbon emissions of trucks waiting for crossing.

Border Services

Understanding border customs and having the right contacts on both sides is necessary to easily transport products back and forth. To keep things moving, logistics companies must meet all regulations and understand how things work on both sides of the border. Being able to reduce costs and limit time in customs to smoothly transition from one country to the next is the mark of a quality logistics company.