Track and Trace Solutions for Your Supply Chain

One of the keys to success, in any business, is having satisfied customers that turn into repeat customers. One way to ensure customer satisfaction in a supply chain, is to provide complete visibility and transparency throughout the process.

In the field of logistics and supply chain management, track and trace is a process of collecting various information on an item or property. Because visibility is one of the most important features in the industry, track and trace technology that allows full visibility and control will play a critical role in meeting companies’ financial goals.

Items need to be tracked and traced at all levels, from ingredients to finished products to shipped packages. Shipping smaller and more frequent orders through various automated systems is a growing trend, and this adds certain challenges that require more efficient solutions.

Naturally, emerging challenges lead to enhanced solutions. Correctly implemented, supply chain management technology and resources can help the processes become more accurate and efficient. New software and cloud-based platforms are incorporated with existing track and trace methods such as barcoding and labeling with GPS, GIS, WLAN, and RFID; and these methods will be more widely used as a reliable way for efficient delivery of components, materials, and products.

Track and trace solutions can also store and manage information such as purchase order numbers, container numbers, bill of lading numbers, customer information, item counts, weight, status, delivery date, and freight changes. Solutions like this can provide supply chain managers with valuable, real-time data as they progress through the supply chain, offering insights and helping them make informed decisions.

When implemented with careful research and strategies, track and trace solutions will bring many benefits such as reducing errors, inventory levels, labor costs, and management costs, as well as improving accuracy, processing time and customer service.

Companies will need to stay up to date with the new trends and technologies in order to apply the best track and trace solutions to their supply chain process. Companies that develop strong relationships with the stakeholders and take full advantage of the technology in a timely manner will succeed in today’s demanding market.