Operating with other countries can often be a complicated matter. Whether with politics, different cultures, or languages, there is a myriad of things that can make it difficult. Even with close partners in trade such as the U.S. and Mexico, international logistics can present a challenge. For that reason, it is vital to have a quality logistics provider aid in intra-Mexico trade.  This company needs to be continually improving in order to give you the cost-competitive supply chain required to succeed in your industry.

Current Challenges Supply Chain Logistics

The world of logistics is one that is constantly changing, especially concerning border and trade policies like those that govern transportation between the U.S. and Mexico.  Many industries, including Automotive Manufacturing, are anticipating new challenges.  With President Trump referring to NAFTA as, “the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere”, it isn’t farfetched to guess that trade across the border could look different in the coming years.

That means logistics companies will need to be flexible and adjust to new rules and regulations.  Since lack of knowledge and resources causes major delays in getting freight across borders, having a team beside you that has the understanding and resources needed to accommodate new regulations is invaluable.

Staying Cost-Competitive

A quality logistics company will always look to be cost-competitive. This is a tall order if you need to constantly change to keep up with the industry. Here are a few areas where logistics companies can help control supply chain costs.

  • Space utilization is a major factor in lean logistics. A strong Logistics provider can afford you greater flexibility and capability than you would ever have managing your own transportation, making lean manufacturing and just-in-time principles possible.
  • Attracting and retaining the best professionals is very important in delivering exceptional supply chain management, especially when you are dealing with a market that is in a state of constant change.
  • Utilizing the safest carriers in the transportation industry helps your company avoid unnecessary turnover costs, missed deadlines, potential lawsuits, and generally bad PR for your brand.
  • Preventative maintenance is another way your logistics company can lower costs. Well-maintained equipment and regular scheduled checks equal cost-savings in your supply chain because it avoids breakdowns and shipping delays.
  • The best logistic provider will invest in strategic partners and locations. For example, Carter has a wide network of partner carriers inside Mexico that adhere to our high standards for accuracy and efficiency.  We also have a well-placed terminal in Laredo near two major border crossings.

When looking for a quality supply chain management provider to assist you with intra-Mexico trade, be sure that they are continually improving their process, studying and understanding new developments, and keeping costs down with efficient and smart business practices.