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In 2003, Eberspaecher started building its first products in North America. Due to this rapid growth it was hard to manage the transportation needs of the company while keeping in line with the budgets. The biggest problem was, although Eberspaecher was growing, it still did not have the volume to substantiate full truckload shipments from its suppliers and had to rely on LTL deliveries. In 2007, Carter Logistics approached Eberspaecher with the concept of the Shared Milk Run Network. Carter already had full truckload shipments with many of Eberspaecher’s current suppliers and had enough free capacity to add on Eberspaecher’s material.

The Shared Network allowed Eberspaecher to get its LTL material at full truckload pricing, greatly increasing the chances of meeting budget requirements. The good news was that price was not the only benefit. The daily dedicated deliveries allowed

inventory levels to decrease. With Carter that day’s requirements would be delivered allowing a much more organized manufacturing environment.

Whereas Carter Logistics has been an integral part of our lean manufacturing strategy for the past 10 years, your milkrun system continues to not only drive waste out of our supply chain but enhances the visibility of our inbound material flow.
In other words, Carter Logistics’ milkrun is one of Faurecia’s most valuable tools in our quest for continuous improvement and flexible supply chain management.

The value derived from the Carter milkrun is not only financial, it is also one of process innovation. Recently you proved your ability to undertake several information technology projects with us and the result could not have been more pleasing. Furthermore, Carter Logistics’ statistical reporting capabilities are first class and from the information you provide Faurecia’s ability to fine-tune the system is greatly enhanced.

Finally, Attitude is everything! The value of having a great attitude is difficult to measure, but by virtue of the work environment you have cultivated within Carter creates a noticeably cheerful organization of which it has always been a pleasure to work with. On behalf of Faurecia please extend our sincere appreciation to the Carter Team and especially the drivers and operations staff.

After reviewing the latest statistics on the milk run operations for this year, I wanted to say thanks for all of the hard work and dedication that your company has provided over the years. The substantial savings we are enjoying are truly helping the bottom line of Tenneco Automotive.

The shared milkrun concept is by far the most innovative transportation strategy I have seen in some years. The ability to support lean manufacturing and daily deliveries of small shipments at truck load rates is helping us on our mission to streamline our manufacturing plants.

Your re-organization of the logistics analysts is another good step in continuous improvement of the system.
I am convinced that more savings will be generated with this new structure in your operations department.

Please thank your staff for a job well done. We at Tenneco Automotive consider Carter to be a pivotal partner
now and in the future.



Our sister company, Carter Express, owns and operates 800 company trucks, 1600 trailers, and 100 owner operators. These assets operate out of 6 strategic crossdock locations along the NAFTA highway. Carter Express is responsible for the Largest Automotive Shared Milkrun Network in the US. Carter’s dedication to their drivers and the maintenance of their trucks makes them one of the safest and most reliable carriers on the road; please see below for more detail:
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    • One of the Lowest Accident Ratios in the Nation (.44 vs. National Avg. 1.3)
    • Driver Turnover of 30% vs. Industry Average of 82%
    • Carter’s Fleet Averages 2 Years Younger than the Industry (3.1 vs. 5.1 years)
    • Truckload Carrier Association ranked Carter 1st in the Nation for Safety in the 50-99.99 Million Miles Class 3 Years
    • Other Awards: “EPA’s Smartway Excellence Award,” “Supplier Excellence Award,” “Best in Class Truckload/Milkrun Carrier”



In 2013, Carter Logistics purchased LOGISTEED Mexico, S.A. DE. C.V. to set up official operations in Mexico. We had been doing cross-border operations in and out of Mexico for the previous 10 years, but opening a subsidiary allowed us to do intra-Mexico transportation and bill our Mexican clients in Pesos. LOGISTEED Mexico, S.A. DE. C.V. now operates truckload, LTL, shared & dedicated milkruns inside of Mexico and has doubled in size since the purchase and continues a strong growth trajectory; please see below for more information:

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    • Staff of 30 Located in Silao, Guanajuato
    • 400 Weekly Intra-Mexico Routes; 10 Intra-Mexico Customers
    • 35 Mexican Carrier Partners
    • 7 Partner Crossdock Locations Across Central Mexico
    • 200 Trailers Dedicated to Mexico Operations

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